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Christmas with Guzzler Custom Motorcycle Seats

Guzzler seats has noticed the warm weather has arrived making some rides a bit short with liquid refreshments the call of the day, But we still find riders discomfort with the stock seats and some manufacturers are reducing the foam content so the passengers are sore by the time they get home.
we at Guzzler Custom Motorcycle Seats are still taking work up to Christmas so get in know for those holiday rides in comfort rather than pain, yours Bill Guzzler seats.BMW 1200gs

seats for comfort

Guzzler custom motorcycle seats see so many seats look good and thats important but you have to get the asthetics correct. We at guzzler seats will shape to suit your shape while you wait correcting all pressure points to your liking then sort the bling side. getting it right is what we do, call us,…Continue Reading

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