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BMW seats

Quite a change from the original. A full custom seat remolded to suit a human other than a robot. These seats may look futuristic but in application seldom wook. Its hard to remember your a star wars fan after 500klms on a painful hi tec looking seat. This is much more comfyContinue Reading

F800 rebuild

Guzzler Custom motor Cycle Seats has rebuilt this seat a sit was a preformed glued seat which needs a large amount of work to remove the cover and reshape for comfort the fit a suitable cover. Guzzler Custom Motor Cycle Seats has done a lot of these also appearing on Aprilia and Honda with these…Continue Reading

Vfr 1200 Honda

Guzzler Custom Motorcycle Seats have added a seat from the Honda range which was a foam vinyl mould which means the foam was injected into the preshaped vinyl while held in a mould. These are also in a lot of BMW and Aprilia seats. They take a lot of work to release these from the…Continue Reading

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