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Guzzler motorcycle seat change from the original with a full custom seat reshaped and remoulded to fit your shape then a modern fancy cover to suit from Guzzler seatsBMW F800 Custom Motorcycle Seat

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  1. Hey there, I have a GS 800 BMW and it’s way to high for be to be comfortable. I can reduce the height by changing the rear shock spring but I was wondering if you make a aftermarket seat so I can reduce the height as much as possible. I was hoping you had a seat that was thinner on the sides and reduce the height by say 30/40 mm at the least. As it is now I do a slide around the seat to get my toes to the ground.
    Can I speak to someone or can you offer any info, I see you have f800 seats but do you know if this also fits the GS 800?
    Don’t want to sell bike, love it but it’s a bit ridiculous to have to do this all the time and worry about how I will hold bike up if road camber etc is uneven, plenty of close calls but so far staying upright.
    Ta Rohan

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