Guzzler seats shaped for comfort!

Custom motorcycle Seats shaping is constant and the new seats are getting worse as foam is being removed by the manufacturer to achieve the lower look. The looks are important but soon forgotten when your a 100 ks down the road and can’t sit. Give us a call on 0400770796 and we can resolve this issue for you at Guzzler Custom Motor Cycle Seats!! Yamaha XVS 1100

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  1. I am finding the stock 1400GTR seat uncomfortable (2016 model), I don’t like the fact that iam sliding into the tank and start squirming in the seat after 100km’s, my wife on the back also has the sliding forward issue.
    If it makes sense I feel like iam sitting “up and on it” rather than “down and in it” I would like to make an appointment to see you and see what can be done.
    Thank you
    Phil Greenall

  2. Hi Bill. I have a 2011 GTR with similar problems. I am 192 cm so don’t want the seat lowered. I have also got peg lowering kit and Highway pegs due to crook knees What would be a ball park price? I have 2 bikes so turnaround time is not a problem.

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