Guzzler Custom Motorcycle Seats

Custom motorcycle seats that are cost effective. Reshaped, height adjustments, conversions, widening pillion seats, single bike seats conversions all modified to your needs and comfort at far less than after market replacement motorbike seats

Custom Motorcycle SeatsDo you suffer from

  • bum bone pain
  • sore tail bone
  • sore back
  • slouching
  • sliding up against the tank
  • having to push yourself back into the seat
  • motorcycle to high or too low
  • pillion complaining
  • your partner not wanting to go riding cause the pillion seat is uncomfortable
  • etc, etc, etc …………….

Guzzler cost effective custom motorcycle seats are modified specifically to your needs at far less than an after market replacement motorbike seat.

A motorcycle seat shaped just for you! Sit in your own shape not on an air pillow or some jelly.

Your bottom is round and with a seat made the same shape, it disperses the weight evenly away from pain points. We don’t need memory foam, your seat remembers your bottom because it’s the right shape permanently!

Get it done right the first time, without all the add-ons, Get a “Guzzler” seat!

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Ring us 0400 770 796 or email for a ‘no obligation’ quote Prices start from only $130.00


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