Bike Seats FAQs

I live a couple of hours from Brisbane, can you do my seat while I wait?

For people able to travel to Brisbane we may be able to offer a 1 day service depending on your requirements.
(Bookings by appointment only – Please ring 0400 770 796 to discuss.)

Generally, we require one day to shape the seat and then we custom cover the seat on the following day after approval of reshape as from approval.

What if I don’t live in Brisbane, can you still do my seat?

Yes, we can. If your are Interstate or Overseas, your motorcycle seat needs to be posted to me, (address will be on your booking confirmation), accompanied by:

  • photos of the motorcycle on its own (to establish the angle of which the seat is fitted to the motorcycle);
  • photos of both the rider & if applicable the pillion, with feet positioned on the foot pegs, and;
  • another photo with the riders feet on the ground. (This establishes the reach to the ground for height adjustments).

On receiving your seat, it will be stripped & photographed, then reshaped and photographed again. Photos will be emailed to you for your approval, the seat will be covered the following day, with photos of the finished product emailed to you, together with bank account details for full payment of seat and return postage. The seat will be posted upon receipt of proof of payment. (eg. screen capture of Internet banking transaction transfer)

I dont’ want to use my original seat, is there another option?

If you wish to retain your original seat, either yourself or I can try to source a second seat, (which can be any condition) to modify, saving your original seat (eg: for resale, retain custom seat etc) A good place to try to source motorcycle seats is from our partner site – Aussie Biker Sites – Motorcycle Website Directory

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