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Covid riding by Guzzler Seats

Hey all, much has happened over the last few months, some restrictions have lifted but ever thought we have women head of police, premier, and health officer. Nanny state run by nannies! However we at Guzzler Custom Motor Cycle Seats have moved on with lots of shaping to suit you, your imported seat has all the problems of your old one. They must fit you so call Guzzler Seats for the right fit.
Regards Bill 0400770796, and dont trust Isabella Ct.

Spring is here

Hi all, Custom motor cycle seats has been a bit quiet these last few weeks as a new set of after market levers for my bike depressed the hydraulic levers and a 2 block trip caused the rear breaks to lock up and down I went. At 35 klms per hour I broke 6 ribs…Continue Reading

Cold days, tax time

Cold mornings end of year tax all concludes to a slow time for some businesses and we have noticed this also. the US dollar has gained significantly against the Australian making overseas purchases of imported seats a lot more expensive also adding to this cost a GST. We at Guzzler seats are still in the…Continue Reading

New summer ahead

Guzzler Custom Seats have been busy Shaping for summer and many are choosing new covers more for looks than practicle applications. we don’t mind but if you want to help improve your ride, get your seat tailor shaped just for as one size doesn’t fit all. remember Guzzler Custom Motorcycle Seats for that comfy ride.…Continue Reading


Here at Guzzler Custom Motor Cycle Seats we have been busy working towards comfort for the winter months as the temperature drops people seem to be enjoying the weather. A lot of the newer motorcycles are coming out with less foam in there seats particularly the rear. This is repairable however it makes the cover…Continue Reading

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