seat covers made to look impressive.

Guzzler Custom Motorcycle Seats would like to explain some of the flashy seat covers that impress the viewers but in reality are useless when put into practice. Every time someone sews a cover with stitches on the seated area it will leak after rain and will continue till the foam drys out which can be quite a while.
You can buy a rain coat to put over while it rains then remove it later but this is something else to plan for. We see often that covers have puffy pillows to look impressive and also top stitch seams where your legs go and lets be real the last thing that’s comfy is a seam or a lump like pillow after hours of riding. keep it simple that’s what works, no seams or sewing under where you sit gives you support and comfort without the flashy cover splitting or leaking, remember everywhere you sew leaves a dotted line of tear me here.Think about it we can make flashy also but it just dosen’t work well long term. Regards From Guzzler Custom Seats.Yamaha Roadstar Warrior

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